Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Here it comes, another story about racial incompetence from customers at work.
I have more stories than one really should about these types of encounters but I'm afraid that this blog will become nothing about me griping and complaining about these politically incorrect idiots. Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means extremely politically correct.

Anyways, I was very excited to start doing liquor tastings at my work recently. I was asked to demo several different kinds of sake. This wasn't the issue if you're thinking "Oh man, they asked her to demo sake because she's Asian, right?" Non, non. Definitely not. Feeding to the awesome stereotype though I really do love sake and have been learning all about it in my spare time.

So it was first day on my job during a very busy wine sale. I was all set up at my little stand next to the sake cooler and was happy to present myself nicely and be in something other than the everyday cashier uniform I wear at work. I was excited and happy to have people come by and taste, answer questions, and give them all the knowledge my little brain held about sake.

Then this happened.

I never get mad though, I'm usually too flabbergasted to respond at the time and for some reason it just is hilarious. Then I feel bad for that person.

Like I said, these types of things happen A LOT. I'm pretty sure my co-workers can testify just because when I get a minute afterwards I go around and giggle about it to everyone I can.

So if you come up to me at work as a complete stranger and ask, "Do you know anything about sake because you're oriental?" or "Are you Chinese or Japanese?"* as if there are no other alternatives, I will laugh at you and make a comic about your stupidity.

*Note: These were actually said to me. The second one... I can't help but think of this. 

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  1. Ha! Why do people think that's okay? I mean, he wouldn't walk up to a black girl demoing Colt 45 and be like, "And you're even the right kind of person!"