Monday, September 9, 2013

How I mastered time travel with going to church.

I've becoming more consciously aware these days on how much I daydream. Maybe "daydreaming" isn't the proper word for it, maybe more like "my mind is completely exiting my body and traveling to another realm for a certain period of time" -dreaming. No, that doesn't roll off the tongue too well.

Being an adult and whatnot and having to be in the presence of other people for a majority of my day at work, with friends, and so forth I guess I tend to zone out a lot without even noticing it. Every so often someone says "Hey, you okay?" or I realize that I'm in the middle of a conversation and my train of thought blips out and I'm left staring vacantly for a few seconds.
So where do I go during this time? My secret time traveling realm inside my head, of course. All right, that sounds insane. But really, I think it's some sort of survival technique that kicks in whenever I'm incredibly bored with the current situation, being patient, or my brain decides whatever information I'm processing isn't important for some reason. I learned this after going to church on Sunday for two hours for 18 years. Sometimes it kicks in even if I don't realize it. Even when I believe the conversation is stimulating or important. I'm very good at sitting still for long periods of time.

Sometimes this concerns people.

Like, boyfriend.





I'm really not trying to be rude, I guess I'm really a space-case.

Note: I was going to re-post this last panel several times and just edit in different people with the same expression, but my need for looking like I'm actually wanting to produce blog entries is out-weighing my wanting to draw and do effort-type things.