Thursday, December 23, 2010

drunk post is drunk

i apologize to anyone in advance.. especially my sober self in the morning for making this post.

so tonight after a crazy hectic day at work at the liquor store, drew says to us remaining people " hey so today was hectic, lets go to keegans (the nearby irish pub that we go to) and ill buy everyone a round of smithwicks" i cant really say no to a free beer, so me, him, and other coworkers russ, spencer, jaclyn, and brittany go across the street for  a beer. it was good.

then the waitress comes back with free shots of some sort of baileys,vodka,rum concotion with crimmas cookies.yay!!! so we'reall like yummmm and we do this

then i realize i didnt have much to eat that day... and before i know it this happend.

i had to drive home and it was snowing a lot out. but its minnesota... that shit kind of happens.

its a loooong drive home for me, normally about 40 mins but i has to drive real nice and slooow because of the snow. but beer goes through me like woah so i cant stop. I CANT STOP.

so i have to distract myself with music. and singing to it

really loudly.

for awhile..

a really long while.

i decide that i cant really make it home so i stop at the gas station,relief!!!!!!!

im so happy afterwards that th rest of the drive home is like this

theres a huge difference, you dont even know.

night night.

p.s. i dont encourage drinking, or drinking and driving. home safe... just dont drive drunk while having to pee really badly. BE SAFE KIDS.

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