Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Follow me this way...

Hi all (...13 of you...) and visitors! I'd like to re-direct you to a more frequently used tumblr acct. with doodles, comics, illustrations etc. I won't be completely giving up on this website but for now as I'm finding a consistent drawing routine, tumblr is the best way to go.


See you there!

Monday, May 19, 2014

my name is julie, and I suck at updates.

So, something amazing happened a couple of months ago. The gracious, fantastic Dirty Diamonds comic publishers accepted my short "comic-themed" comic for their fifth volume. A comic book that featured short comics from amazing female artists all over the world. I cracked down and pumped out four hand drawn, paneled, inked pages in one week.

When they accepted my submission I felt that things would change. I felt like since they liked my art, I have a reason to keep going and keep making comics and drawings in a timely manner. Maybe I can do this. Maybe I CAN.

But it fell flat, fast... and it makes me sad.

I've been blaming my full-time job sucking all my energy out so that by night time, I have nothing to do. Except put down a few bourbons send my friends drunk doodles. I'm convinced that my fellow artists buddies are super-humans and don't need sleep. They are fueled by coffee and paint-water.

Here's what usually happens when I'm not drawing...

Here's to updates more than once every four months.