Friday, February 28, 2014

the anatomy of a sandwich

So, when I thought of doing this post, this is what I was doing:
Because I live in the middle of the polar vortex, I have forgotten my love for cold sub sandwiches. The temperatures have been unforgiving, and it's a miracle when the thermometer goes up past zero. Not including windchill. We're desperate here. I don't eat cold foods often these days, for fear that in my constant state of borderline hypothermia, a cold pasta salad or deli meat sandwich may just do me in.

But today, today was different. It was 14 degrees Fahrenheit. I didn't need a hat, and on my way to my car after work I passed by a Jimmy John's and knew it was time to have a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, not some wheat bread slice-whole grain sandwich, but a sub sandwich. Using bread with the heel of the loaf still intact.

I'm a minimalist, I love a classic turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, a few other veg and mayo. The mayo and the tomato are a must. Why? Because as you are eating the sandwich, it is a delicious experience... then finally there is the end piece.
There it is, the heel of the loaf, the hard, crispy crusted end now slightly softened and soaked with the oozing juice from the tomato and mayo. All the condiments from your sandwich have been pushed down to the last part of your sandwich.

The last bite is crispy, creamy, tart, and all yours. There might be a bit of meat and lettuce left at the end, but it's always best if all that remains is mayo and crust.

...and it's the only way to eat mayo and bread in a sociably acceptable manner.

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